'Mark Nevin is definitely still here, writing and singing better than ever... whisper it
but 'Beautiful Guitars' is indeed 'perfect' ...and then some' (ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE)
'If theres is any justice, it will finally deliver him the success he warrants in his own right' (R & R MAGAZINE)

Beautiful Guitars OUT NOW

'How can you not love Mark E Nevin...? Beautiful Guitars is a fabulous album, full of original
ideas and equally original execution. What more do you want?' (FOLKING.COM)
'Spirited, solidly crafted and warmly conceived' (UNCUT)
'Nevin deserves much wider recognition' (Q MAGAZINE - 4 stars)
'a gem... absolutely lovely' (Bob Harris BBC RADIO2)

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also available 'STAND BESIDE ME IN THE SUN'

STand BEside Me In The Sun

‘exquisite production.. gorgeous melodies, every bit as sunny as the title suggests’ (R & R Magazine) 'broody and poignant... whimsical and starstruck... even epic... flags Nevin as a touchstone for the current interest in all things roots' (Q) 'robust and ecstatic' (Mojo) 'a lovely confection of lilting pop tones, delicate guitars and meditations on the messy but uplifting business of growing up and getting on with life' (The Word) click HERE to buy from Amazon or download from Stand Beside Me In the Sun - Mark Nevin